Tuesday, September 27, 2016

How Many Gods Is Too Many - Recommended Post

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How many Links have visited this grove, wielded this sword? Or has one
hero returned to Hyrule over the course of ages?

I love what's going on in this guest post by The Long War author A.J. Smith--talking about the significance of deities in fantasy fiction, their many uses, and drawing the fine line between not enough of this narrative inspiration, and reaching the saturation point for gods. Working some of things out in Frostbite - are all spirits gods, or only some of them? What earns them that special status? If one is inhabited by a god, does that mean they have become them, and cease to be as they were before? Can deities appear over and over again in multiple forms?  Fellow fantasy authors--your thoughts?

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God or Spirit? Higurashi is one of the best iterations of an alternate deity persona I've seen

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