Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Troy Gallery - Weapons

Some people wear their hearts on their sleeves, so the saying goes. Me, I hang it on my walls, perch it on my bookcases...let's be honest--these days, I put it wherever I still have the space. So I'm going to share my heart--that is, my art--with you.

There is simply too much to put all in one post, for I fear the image function would explode. So I've decided to group them, the first of which is weapons. All for show, until some unsuspecting person picks the wrong house to burgle...

Sadly, some of these things are in storage, and not being shown at the moment to their fullest glory. After all, what is a baby-safe place for a sword?

Image result for vampire hunter kit

Ready to slay vampires of any kind - this Western style hunter kit was amassed by my husband as a Christmas present. Complete with ash tree stakes whittled by hand. (I still can't imagine him doing this while I was at work), a matching hammer, holy water, Israeli grave dirt, a 19th-century German bible, the blood of a virgin (Party City- we're not that weird), and of course, wolfsbane. Which is poisonous, and had to be handled with gloves. So, yeah, NOT baby-safe.

Image result for dracula bowie knife prop

If that fails, there's also this bowie knife, fashioned after Quincey Morris's fatal weapon in Bram Stoker's Dracula. Totally unfriendly for kids and intruders alike. Just imagine--you think it's going to be a normal robbery, just like any other, until--surprise! Mom takes your head off. What a wickedly stylish way to go.

Chinese vampires, or jianshi, can cause just as much of a stir, as seen to great effect in HK films like Mr. Vampire and Encounters of the Spooky Kind. So to be fully prepared, we have this feng-shui style combat kit, complete with mirror, binding thread (chicken/duck blood not included), and a coin sword. Also a gift.

Image result for kukri knifeFor real weapons, we also have a kukri knife in storage, gifted to my hubby by his uncle, who's lived just about everywhere. We've also got a snakeskin dagger in the Tamerlane style, a katana, and a set of steel throwing darts set in a wrist guard.

Image result for master sword propOn the fantasy side, there's Evilsbane. Or, for those not in the know, the Hero's Sword carried by Link in the Legend of Zelda series. An impressive piece for a prop--and I assure you, the blade is real. Lying around here somewhere is a custom-quality Freddy Krueger glove, too.

Looking to add a production prop of this one: not easy or cheap to come by.

Xena  Warrior Princess replica movie prop weapon

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