Monday, December 12, 2016

Together Again - Walking Dead Season 7

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*Sigh* Life-changing episode...for her, I mean.
"The Deliverer" Xena Season 3
I haven't been this emotionally tied to a show since I was a teenager-and even then, season finales (the third, in particular) choked me up with the loss of an integral character.

With The Walking Dead, I am now either crying, cheering, or covering my mouth in outright shock pretty much during every episode.  Feeling this way midway through its seventh season? With no musical numbers yet, the kiss of death for any genre show?  Wow.

Part of what makes this series the powerhouse that it is is that they don't ease up. Ever. It goes beyond the precept that no one is safe. The intensity by every actor in every episode is so palpable that even if you know what's coming, or just think you do, it hits you like a...well,  like a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire.

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The reason that last night's episode was so uplifting at the end wasn't just the fight put back into Rick, or Daryl's successful escape. It was that for a long time, since the Governor came to the prison, really, things have been fractured-we go deep with individuals or small groups, but it's not the way they were in, say, Season 2, where for the most part everyone was in the same place. So this uprising will hopefully bring a return to form, where we see not just how interesting each character is, and their individual relationships, but how great they are on screen together. The cast is what gives this show its power. Those powers are about to coalesce. Bring it, Season 7, we're ready.

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