Saturday, October 29, 2016

Blue Velvet - Weird for Weird's Sake

I have only recently becoming completely enamored of David Lynch's television series Twin Peaks, which aired from 1990-1991. I was in the first grade at that time. Not quite appropriate then, but absolutely wonnderful now. Having seen the series before Blue Velvet, I had very high expectations. It did not, sadly, live up to them. 

Part of what I loved about Twin Peaks was the smooth blend between charming small town quirks and cosmic, supernatural darkness. And the bizarre nature of the supernatural made perfect, organic sense to the story, because Laura Palmer's killer is a demon of some mysterious sort that takes possession of a member of the community (no spoilers, sorry). So the characters dig deep into the Black Lodge for very good reason. 

A Guide to Twin Peaks
"I am the arm."

Image result for blue velvetIn Blue Velvet, I don't understand why Jeffrey (played by Kyle MacLachlan, the lead of Twin Peaks) does any of the things he does. He straddles the line between small town and the bizarre, but for no obvious reason. He gets involved in said weirdness, including the very strange and fetishistic woman who is played very well. The first voyeuristic sex scene is a strong scene on its own, true to Lynch's aesthetic, but the story was very tenuous. I just didn't see the pieces come together in a meaningful way, and the characters all acted illogically. Not just weird, I can do weird, but it didn't really have a reason for being. And that made me sad. Because I know, from watching his show, and the followup film Fire Walk with Me, that Lynch can do much, much better. I wait with baited breath for the new show.
K Rating: 6/10

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