Friday, February 9, 2018

Cute Little Story: Vermeer to Eternity

Vermeer to Eternity (Kindle Single) by [Horowitz, Anthony]I have quite a few Anthony Horrowitz titles on my "to-read" list, mostly because I am in desperate need of contemporary mystery fiction that lives up to my great love of Sir Doyle's work. I started with a Kindle Single, a short story called Vermeer to Eternity. I'm a sucker for stories involving the art world, and the fine art of old masters in particular.

It was an interesting little premise, the idea that a recently widowed woman might have an unacknowledged Vermeer in her collection, and the foremost Vermeer expert is serendipitously asked to examine it as a favor for a friend. Add a ghost or two into the mix, and you've got a recipe for a great mystery.

I regret that such a cool concept was used on such a short story. I really felt like the setup was sufficient for a full-length work, and my mind was already churning to life guessing all the motives and possibilities. That's always a good sign, and that alone made me happy. I also was really drawn to the writing style. It was clean, succinct prose that had an older sophistication and at the same time managed a contemporary wit-not an easy feat at all.

To sum up, even if I wish this story had gone farther, ultimately I still got what I wanted. A mystery author I can be excited about. Stay tuned for more.

K Rating: 4/5
**New author goal: 29 out of 30**

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