Sunday, March 31, 2019

The Unicorn Book I'd Forgotten I Needed: Dark Whispers

I've wanted to travel to Luster ever since I brought Into the Land of the Unicorns home from the Scholastic Book Fair that came to my middle school. It changed my life. And then...the rest of my life happened, and there was no Book 2 for the Unicorn Chronicles in sight. Until one fine day, when Song of the Wanderer appeared on the fantasy bookshelf. And made its way onto my shelf. But I don't remember being terribly impressed with that title. And so I suppose I stopped looking for unicorns. But then, I saw a third book, Dark Whispers

Well. Once again, Bruce Coville has managed to change my life. Dark Whispers is a fantastic tale, which is so refreshing for telling an adventurous story about the most "perfect" beings, unicorns, and making that story deep and dark and bloody. I devoured this book, in which Cara is sent to find a secret torn from the pages of the Unicorn Chronicles that might save Luster, now that their arch-enemy Beloved has an amulet that will help her open a gate from Earth, in which her father Ian, a former unicorn hunter, allies himself with strange characters with even stranger powers to free his wife from the Rainbow Prison, in which the delvers are more than what they seem, and in which the Dimblethum will listen to the nagging voice in his ear, betraying everything he holds dear.

Not exactly writing a kid's series anymore, are you Coville? That urgency I felt as a child is back in all its fury, and there will be a review of the series conclusion, The Last Hunt, on this blog in short order.

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