Sunday, March 10, 2019

WTF??? Hereditary

I hate it when good horror concepts go bad. I hate it even more when they go bad and bizarre. That's what watching Hereditary was like. I thought I was in for a night of family dysfunction, with a question of extreme insanity. And there were some truly gruesome scenes in there, and I have to give credit where credit is due. There were lots of creepy concepts in this film.

Hereditary Poster
But the major problem was that none of these concepts made sense being in the same film together. So the plot ends up being really loopy as it tries to make sense of all these disparate ideas. Worse than that though - any time something really dramatic happened, like the son causing his sister's head to be decapitated for example, the movie would show the moment, and then quickly cut away to something else. What?!! How do you do that without showing the parent's reaction, without showing how that is going to affect the family dynamic moving forward? How do you NOT tell the story of your characters, and expect the audience to take you seriously? Oh, and then...witches. W. T. F.

I've seen and enjoyed nonlinear storytelling before. I'm in love with Twin Peaks. But here's the difference: even though you never truly know what's going on in that not-so-sleepy little town, you know it's all there for a reason. Even if David Lynch is the only one who knows that reason. But he's a master storyteller, and all the pieces go together. This was just a jumble.

There were maybe about half a dozen good movie concepts all thrown together here, with some really great effects and camerawork, but it was just a hot, hot, bloody mess. Such a disappointment.

K Rating: 2/5 (and those 2 points go to the cinematographers and propmakers)

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