Sunday, September 29, 2019

A Twist that Blew My Mind: The Silent Patient

I'm always up for a thriller that revolves around the discipline of psychology. The Silent Patient was absolutely excellent - it was packed with mystery and suspense, and a dark criminality that a horror-lover like me craves, even when I'm not reading horror.

The Silent Patient by [Michaelides, Alex]Alicia is a patient who hasn't spoken a word in years after violently murdering her husband. The question on everyone's lips is why. And Theo, her new therapist, is determined to find out.

Theo was a compelling character to follow around - you see his own personal failings outside of the workplace, which humanizes him and gives you the impression that his intentions, along with his uncoventional methods, may not all be for the best. He does, however, seem to be getting results. But whether or not anyone wants to hear what Alicia has to say is another story.

I can't really say more than that - the value of this book is discovering it as you read. But I will say that all of the characters were great, as were all the twists. The one right at the end was like a Big Bang. It was super clever, and never once expected. Kudos kudos kudos to the author.

One of the themes that I appreciated was the parallel to Greek myth. With a last name like that, the author's ethnicity was obvious to me (a fellow Greek) immediately. And of course I always love to see classical tales retold or retooled in very thoughtful ways. At times, though, it was laid on a bit thing. All the random references would be Greek-centric as well. (ie, it's hotter in London than in Athens today), and I could have done with a bit less surface reference.

Doesn't take away from this practically perfect book. Can't wait to see what else this author has up his sleeve.

K. Rating: 5/5

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