Sunday, December 8, 2019

Great Ideas Given Short Shrift: The Atrocities

The Atrocities by [Shipp, Jeremy C.]When I first picked up The Atrocities, I thought it was a novel. As the story builds from the typical governess moves into the help an old, monied family, only to realize that her charge is dead, I was intrigued by the ways in which this story cut against the grain and created something fresh from these staid stereotypes. Which of course means that the parents are mad, but in ways that are more complicated and interesting than you might think. But the good setup in the beginning and the really well-developed characters crumble apart much too quickly, because there's just not enough room for this great concept to grow. Add to that the bizarre and deeply disturbing dreamlike imagery that again, was more flashy than substantive, and I felt that this short work as a terrible, shameful waste of what could have been a really excellent story.

K Rating: 2/5

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